There are many reasons to participate in an online addiction counseling program.  Being encouraged to isolate ourselves because of the current global health crisis is a great time to take advantage of the counseling offered in programs like our virtual IOP and Day Treatment Program. Addiction is already an isolating condition. Now that we are being asked to stay indoors and not to interact with others, the temptation to rely on drugs and alcohol is heightened. This social isolation, combined with worries about your loved ones, your job, and the future, can compound that temptation.

Innovative services like New Bridge Foundation’s online addiction counseling programs can offer you the help you need.

Do I Need Online Addiction Counseling?

Let’s start at the beginning. If you are unsure whether you would benefit from online addiction counseling, there are several questions you can ask yourself. Among these are:

  • Does your consumption of drugs or alcohol interfere with your family, school, or work life? If you are struggling with addiction, you may not have even noticed the change in your lifestyle, which can happen gradually. As your addiction progresses, however, it will become more challenging to meet these kinds of obligations.
  • Have you experienced the negative physical, psychological, or social consequences of substance abuse, but kept using substances anyway? As you continue to use drugs and alcohol, there will be more — and more severe — effects of your use. Many will be physical and psychological, but given how isolating substance abuse is, many will also be social. If you have experienced these but have continued to allow addiction to control your life, now is the time to consider online addiction counseling.
  • Have you continually engaged in risky behavior when using substances? Behaviors that we characterize as dangerous include driving, operating machinery, and putting children at risk. In some cases, they also include getting into physical fights, domestic abuse, having unsafe sex, or committing crimes.

These are only a few of the categories of behavior indicating that you should consider online addiction counseling; there are many more specific behaviors that we could point to. But if you or someone you care about is experiencing any of the above, it is time to consult a professional.

The Benefits of Online Addiction Counseling

There are several benefits of online addiction counseling. Among these are:

  • Primary among the benefits is the fact that online addiction counseling allows you to maintain physical distance between yourself and others. The counselors in our virtual outpatient programs can give you all the help you need while ensuring your safety and theirs.
  • Online addiction counseling allows you to maintain your privacy while fulfilling your obligations. Instead of leaving your job or school to participate in treatment, you participate in the program remotely with a choice of a morning or evening schedule.
  • Remote participation in our program will also give you the time to work on other aspects of your recovery. These include self-care, the establishment of healthy routines like eating well and exercising more, the development of healthy hobbies and habits, and building a strong support network of friends and family. All of these are effective ways of ensuring your recovery is successful and avoiding relapse.

These are only a handful of the many advantages to working on your sobriety remotely through an online addiction counseling program like the one at New Bridge Foundation.

Reach Out to New Bridge Foundation Today

Online addiction counseling is not right for everyone. If your addiction is particularly severe, or if you need specialized treatment like medical detoxification, you may need residential treatment. And in that case, be aware that New Bridge Foundation is continuing to offer these essential services. But if you are battling addiction and need a structured program with the benefits outlined above, online addiction counseling could be right for you. Call us at [Direct] today or reach out using our secure online form. You can take your life back from drugs and alcohol.